Hiring a Houston Maritime Attorney

Hiring a Houston Maritime Attorney

You may not be familiar with what a Houston Maritime Attorney does. If you are, this article can help you understand the role of an attorney. You will learn more about their experience, reputation, and costs. This guide is designed to be an easy read for anyone who is not familiar with maritime law. Once you’ve finished reading it, you’ll be better prepared to contact a Houston Maritime Attorney when you have questions.

Jones Act lawsuits

Maritime workers may be eligible to file separate Jones Act lawsuits against their employers to recover monetary damages. Such a claim could bring up to $100,000 in damages. However, thousands of maritime workers have chosen to not hire a lawyer and accepted a monthly salary of 15 to 30 dollars without ever collecting any money from their Jones Act claims. Maritime employers often promise benefits only until the Statute of Limitations expires, after which they are no longer liable.

Although most Jones Act cases are settled out of court, many injuries occur on the job and maritime workers must retain legal representation in order to recover full compensation. A Houston maritime attorney will know how to best protect their clients from being pressured into accepting a lowball settlement. A maritime attorney will be able to protect their client’s rights from lowball settlement offers. They will also ensure that they get a fair settlement.

Regardless of the type of injury, a skilled lawyer will ensure that you get the full compensation you deserve. The Jones Act, also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, provides workers with protections and legal remedies for injuries that occurred while working on a ship. The Act also ensures that vessel owners and operators are held accountable for negligent conduct, and damages resulting from work-related injuries or fatalities may be claimed through these lawsuits.

A Houston maritime attorney should be able to help you file a successful Jones Act lawsuit. Houston maritime attorneys will work diligently to get the full compensation you are due and fight for your rights. Whether you are a seaman or a passenger, you will benefit from the assistance of an experienced Jones Act attorney. So, whether you’re a seaman or not, we recommend you seek the services of a maritime attorney in Houston to obtain the maximum compensation for your loss.

The time involved in filing a Jones Act lawsuit varies from case to case. Depending on the size of the case, Jones Act lawsuits can take a number of years. The length of the case depends on the investigation phase, which typically involves proving negligence and fault on the part of the defendant. A good Houston maritime attorney will understand that patience pays off in the end. The process may take a few years, but it is worth the wait.


If you have been involved in a maritime accident, you may be wondering if you have any options for a Houston maritime attorney. Maritime law is complex and adheres to several different bodies of law, including state, federal, and international law. An experienced Houston maritime attorney will know how to navigate these different legal issues and fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Read on to learn more about the benefits of hiring a Houston maritime attorney.

A maritime attorney can file lawsuits and litigate cases for clients, and he or she can represent an injured party in civil court, maximizing the chances of a successful case. Houston is home to many businesses in the maritime industry, making it necessary for people to use an attorney with extensive knowledge of maritime law. It is also important to remember that maritime accidents are hazardous, and an attorney with experience in these areas will help you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries.

The Houston maritime attorneys at the Cobos Law Firm offer free initial consultations to their clients. Their knowledge and experience in maritime law will help you obtain the compensation you need after an accident. Maritime law includes Jones Act and LHWCA protections for seafarers. Injuries caused by maritime activities are usually covered under maritime workers compensation acts, which have strict guidelines and restrictions. These laws help injured maritime workers receive compensation for medical care, lost wages, and other expenses. A Houston maritime attorney can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.

An experienced Houston maritime attorney is important in a variety of situations. Maritime injuries are common, and offshore workers who are injured on the job may not have the same legal recourses as those injured on land. Injured maritime workers may need help recovering the compensation they deserve. A Houston maritime attorney specializes in admiralty law, which means they are experts in the area of maritime law. They will fight for your rights and help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.


Hiring a Houston maritime attorney can help you pursue your compensation claim in the event of a shipwreck. Injuries that occur in maritime settings can be difficult to file, as these cases are often governed by federal and state maritime laws, and can fall under maintenance and cure, an industry equivalent to workers’ compensation. Hiring an attorney is essential for the successful handling of injury claims, and you will want to know how to determine if you have a good case.

You will pay a Houston maritime attorney around $150 to $350 per hour, plus additional costs associated with your case. You will likely pay a contingency fee in which the lawyer accepts a percentage of the final settlement or verdict. To avoid paying more than you can afford, consult with several attorneys before choosing one. Make sure that the attorney you choose can respond to your needs 24 hours a day. If you do not, you may end up losing your case.

Hiring a Houston maritime attorney can protect your rights after an accident. Because maritime laws are complicated, it is essential to retain an experienced Houston maritime attorney to help you. If your employer is found negligent, you must file a lawsuit against them to recover compensation. A good Houston maritime attorney can help you file the right claim and prove that your employer was at fault. But the cost of hiring a Houston maritime attorney can seem prohibitive, but the benefits are worth it.

If you are a Texas or Louisiana maritime worker who has been injured due to another party’s negligence, a Houston maritime attorney can help you. The courts recognize that wounds sustained by sailors due to business activities can be serious and require legal intervention. As such, they often recognize broad maritime law and the importance of compensation. Attorney Patrick Daniel has litigated hundreds of cases and recovered significant amounts for his clients. Maritime injury claims are complex, but they can be settled for a significant amount if a maritime worker hires a Houston maritime attorney.

Hiring a Houston maritime attorney can help you fight for compensation for any injuries sustained while working offshore or aboard a ship. A Houston maritime attorney can also help you determine whether or not you qualify for compensation under the Jones Act or under the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. If you don’t work on a ship, you may qualify for Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, which governs maritime jobs that don’t have their own vessels.


A Houston Marine Attorney is an excellent choice if you’ve been injured at sea. While there is no way to completely prevent injuries, accidents can happen on a ship, and a marine attorney can be crucial to your case. Maritime accidents can be life-changing, and injuries sustained at sea can leave you with lifelong medical care. You’ll need the expertise of a Houston marine attorney to protect your rights and get compensation.

Charles Lanier is an accomplished trial lawyer and a well-respected Houston marine attorney. He joined Fulbright & Jaworski, now Norton Rose Fulbright, in 1985 and was named a partner in the Admiralty Department. He then went on to establish Fowler, Rodriguez & Chalos, a Houston maritime law firm that grew to ten lawyers. He later joined The Lanier Law Firm, and his practice now includes maritime litigation and Jones Act cases. In 2018, he was elected to the Texas Bar Foundation as a Fellow.

If you are injured on the job, you should contact a Houston maritime attorney as soon as possible. Burn injuries are among the worst types of maritime injury, and you deserve to receive the compensation you need to pay for your medical bills. A Houston maritime attorney can help you understand what to expect from the claims process, and can negotiate for a settlement that meets your needs. As an experienced Houston maritime attorney, you can trust Arnold & Itkin LLP to fight for your rights.

Hiring a Houston marine attorney can be a lifesaver. With a reputation for quality work and success, you can expect a top-notch legal team to fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve. After all, you’ve paid for an accident – and now your lawyer can do the same for you. If the injury was your fault, you’ll be entitled to higher compensation for it.

In Houston, you can choose a Houston maritime attorney with a strong reputation. One of the best Houston maritime attorneys is Tony Buzbee, a former Recon Marine officer. He went through rigorous training and participated in Marine operations in several countries, and he excelled as a Marine officer. The Marine Corps teaches its officers to lead from the front, work smart, and exploit their weaknesses. And Buzbee has made his law firm based on those same principles.

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